Customer Reviews

"I love it! No smells, cleans easily and fluffs back up. I will never use another bedding after trying this." - Kevin Sheldon

"I struggled keeping an Exo-Terra humid even with foil across the screen top. I tried out Reptile Prime™ and I only have to mist in the mornings and it holds humidity all day! The consistency is perfect for my Ball Python and NO DUST!" - Bean Gagne

"Purchased a bag last week to try out based off the recommendation from Brian. I used cypress mulch before and was never really happy with it. After cleaning and swapping out the substrate I already liked it more than the previous substrate as it absorbs liquid so much better and it just looks better in my opinion. Also, I think Nix, my snow corn snake likes it too as she has been tunneling through it nonstop. I will continue to use it, thanks for a great product!" - Douglas

"Loving the product it's the best substrate I've used going to do a review video for a couple fb groups asking how it works." - Brandyn Mitchell

"Very pleased with the bedding. Works great for my BP enclosure keeping in humidity but never appearing muddy if I over mist. Very easy to clean and use, being dust free makes everything work so much better." - Porscha Flores

"Absolutely amazing product even in the dead of winter provides outstanding humidity. Absorbs better than any other product I have ever used." - Devon